January 27, 2023

An MBBS program in India costs nearly Rs. 10 million while a BDS program costs around Rs. 6 million. The fee structure available on its website varies from Rs. 5-10 million for an MBBS and Rs. 4-6 million for BDS programs.

Students are required to pay Rs. 9,937,226 for a five-year MBBS program, and Rs. 1,772,256 for a four-year BDS program. Hostel charges are up to Rs. 25,000, while food and transport charges are also up to 10,000 each.

Foreign students are required to pay $79,125 for MBBS and BDS programs. They must pay the same monthly hostel, mess food, and transport, and yearly health insurance charges as local students. The total amount adds up to Rs. 5,998,684.


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