March 28, 2023

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar refused to resign from his position and said nothing will change in 2 hours, referring to his press conference scheduled for 4:10 pm today.

However, as the journalist kept pressing the finance minister for an answer, Dar quipped ‘do you have an issue with my work?’, but again did not confirm or deny the question about his resignation.

Economic troubles mounting

The finance minister is under pressure due to the delay in the SLA with the IMF, which has caused annual inflation to reach a record high of 31.55%. The SBP also increased the interest rate by 300 basis points to 20 percent, and the dollar rose to a record high against the Pakistan Rupee.

Pakistan won’t default

Anti-Pakistan elements are spreading false rumors that Pakistan may default, which are not only false but also contradict the facts.

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