March 28, 2023

The Federal Cabinet approved the Hajj Policy 2023 and National Clean Air Policy, and the National Accountability Amendment Ordinance 2023, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Law and Justice.

The Prime Minister directed the authorities to prepare a comprehensive and effective strategy to provide the best possible travel and lodging facilities to pilgrims during the Hajj. He also commended the Ministry of Climate Change for formulating the Clean Air Policy and directed that necessary steps should be taken for its effective implementation. Air pollution has increased significantly in Pakistan, with Karachi and Lahore being the most affected cities. According to the Air Quality Index Report 2022-23, air pollution has reduced life expectancy by 2.7 years.

The Ministry of Climate Change has formulated a policy to protect citizens’ health, reduce annual deaths, and improve agriculture and air quality in urban and rural areas. It proposes raising fuel standards, stricter regulations for industrial emissions, innovation in agriculture and effective treatment of crop waste incineration, universal waste disposal practices, and low-emission cooking methods. The policy is expected to reduce toxic gases by 40% over the next ten years.

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