March 28, 2023

The government has proposed 68 unapproved projects with an estimated cost of around Rs. 450 billion for inclusion in the Public Sector Development Programme 2022-23. The government has included 68 under-process projects in the PSDP and dropped approved projects from the next year’s development plan.

Planning Commission trying to clear 68 projects from concerned forums before the budget approval, source says. Some of the 68 projects are under process for the approval of the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) and Departmental Development working party (DDWP), sources say.

The projects that had been approved by the Council for Development and Reforms (CDWP) in 2021 were not included in the next PSDP, a source told BBC Urdu. Instead, unapproved projects were added to the federal developmental portfolio, the source said.

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National Heritage and Culture Division, Planning Commission, Higher Education Commission, Power Division, Railways Division, and Water Resource Division.

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