March 24, 2023

Pakistan has recently introduced the Internet of Things (IoT) framework and cloud-first policy. The launch of 5G technology can potentially bring in a much-needed economic revolution. These can be game-changers for a developing country like Pakistan which can turn itself into an IT-based knowledge economy.

As many as 16 million jobs could be created in the U.S. by 5G technology, according to a study by Accenture. The impact of related innovations will be in trillions of dollars and create millions of new jobs across all industries. In the manufacturing sector, factories experience about 20-30% overall productivity gains.

There is no reason for Pakistan to miss out on the benefits of 5G mobile networks. In the healthcare sector, 5G allows more remote post-acute care, home-based models, with savings greater than 30%. A report ‘5G Readiness Plan for Pakistan’ has also emphasized the need for the country to build the local cloud infrastructure.

The 5G networks could help the national economy and the related ICT infrastructure play a significant role in the country’s development. So much so that it will act as a supporting tool for the IoT, cloud infrastructure, technology-based startups, and the youth.

The post-covid environment has made it necessary for countries to have the advantages of the enhanced 4G and 5G networks under the increasing demand for ICT solutions. The best feature of the 5G technology is its speed; faster 5G speed and better connectivity could create economic growth.

5G will assist the digitalization of Pakistan by connecting people with robust purpose-built technology, creating opportunities for both industries and individuals. They are expected to benefit from future innovations in distance learning, public safety, manufacturing, transportation, and health, he said.

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