January 27, 2023

Pakistani students studying in the US will help strengthen ties between the two countries, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US has said. Ambassador Masood Khan made the remarks while addressing a group of Pakistani students enrolled in various educational programs in the U.S. for the summer semester.

Pakistani students visiting the US on full scholarships to take up a semester at 39 different educational institutions in 24 states. Another group of 15 Pakistani students completed a 6-week long tour under the Study of US Institutions (SUSI) program for student leaders.

The students were selected from all four provinces, as well as Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit–Baltistan.

He said that some of the students hail “from the most underrepresented areas and towns,” and added that it is “a great learning opportunity”.

Pakistan and the United States are celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations. Fulbright Programs Branch Chief Julia Findlay highlighted the importance of Pak-US bilateral relations. She said that American students’ participation in Pakistani educational programs will help build trust and understanding between our two countries.

Students learned about American culture and values, education and workforce development, economics and business, foreign policy, religious freedom, and pluralism in the US.

Pakistan will revive its Knowledge Corridor program, under 10,000 students and professionals will be sent to the US for higher education in the next decade. Pakistan is the largest recipient of the Fulbright scholarship with an alumni network of more than 25,000. It also allotted an acre of land in Islamabad for the US Education Foundation in Pakistan.

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