January 27, 2023

The Pakistan-Egypt segment of PEACE has achieved final splicing, thus enabling connectivity from Karachi, Pakistan to Marseille, France ready for service. The cable is spanning a total length of 5,800 km and landings of Karachi and Zafarana were completed in 2021.

The route from Pakistan to France of the PEACE cable system is now fully constructed well and ready for use. The Mediterranean segment of PEACE linking Marseille, France, to Abu Talat, Egypt, a 3,200km long project, also achieved RFS in March 2022.

The PEACE subsea cable system will provide access to high-speed, large-volume internet bandwidth with express connectivity to France. The ultra-low latency design will reduce latency between Pakistan and France to 92 milliseconds. This will improve the response time of Internet-based applications and the experience of Pakistani users.

The PEACE Cable System, connects Asia, Africa, and Europe, with its stronghold connecting Pakistan, France, Egypt, and Kenya. The whole system deploys a state-of-the-art “system-within-a-system” and adopts advanced ROADM.

PEACE is now under construction for the Singapore extension, which will extend coverage of the PEACE submarine cable system to Southeast Asia. The segment from Pakistan to France has now been built well, which is “a thrilling milestone,” says Sun Xiaohua, COO of PEACE Cable.

PEACE is the first international submarine cable starting from Pakistan and reaching Europe, Africa, and Singapore. Shoaib Qureshi, Country Manager of PEACE Cable in Pakistan, said, “It is a new beginning of the submarine chapter for the Pakistan market”.

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