March 24, 2023

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), in its 43rd Governing Body meeting, has approved the “Trainee Engineers” program for fresh graduates. Under this scheme, the PEC plans to train 2,000 fresh engineers who completed their degrees in 2020 and 2021.

Who Can Apply?

Students who have not availed of any other government-funded training/ internship program can apply for an engineering degree from the PEC. Applicants must possess degrees from an accredited engineering program in any discipline within the last 2 years (Jan 2020 to Dec 2021).

Special Quota
  • 2 percent quota for disabled applicants
  • 5 percent quota is for minorities
  • Female students who meet the mentioned criteria will be preferred


  • A stipend of Rs. 30,000 will be paid to the selected Trainee Engineers
  • The period of the program would be six months without any extension.

Mechanism for Recruitment

  • Interested candidates would be asked to register online by submitting discipline, domicile, location, and area of interest along with a CV
  • The applicants’ data would be shared with employers as per their requirements (industry, technical organization, HEIs, R&D, services, marketing)
  • Selection of applicants by the employers themselves through profile/CV review and interview (if needed)
  • Employers will share the list of selected candidates with PEC for formal notification
  • After approval of PEC, the selected candidates will be notified
  • After completion of the six-month duration, the employer will submit a feedback report as per the PEC format
  • Experience certificate will be issued by PEC to Trainee Engineers on successful completion, in consultation with respective employer

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