January 27, 2023

The USB Promoter Group has just announced a new standard for USB cables. The new standard is called USB4 Version 2.0 and it will allow for transfer speeds up to 80 Gbps. Older USB cables will still work with the new standard even if they don’t deliver the same speed.

USB4 Version 2.0 will have 80 Gbps bandwidth and support high-speed data transfers. It will also do well with the latest versions of DisplayPort and PCIe. Apple’s iPhones are expected to switch to USB C thanks to new regulations imposed by the EU.

USB C will soon be available on iPhones as well as iPads. This will allow you to use a single charger for all your mobile devices around the house. Most other laptops, phones, and tablets also use USB C for charging and fast data transfer from one device to another.

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