January 27, 2023

Inflation for the week ended December 22 recorded a decrease of 0.11 percent due to decline in the prices of food and non-food items. The year-on-year inflation depicts an increase of 28.76 percent mainly due to increase in the price of onions (482.30 percent).

The SPI for the consumption group up to Rs. 17,732 and below Rs. 44,175 decreased by 0.4 percent, 0.01 percent and 0.21 percent respectively. During the week, out of 51 items, prices of 20 (39.22 percent) items increased.

Some of the items recorded increase in their average prices during the week over previous. The items include chicken (9.86 percent), pulse masoor (2 percent), tea lipton yellow label 190 gm packet each (1.72 percent) and cooked beef (0.57 percent).

The commodities, which recorded a decrease in their average prices included tomatoes (23.85 percent), potatoes (10.53 percent), petrol super (4.45 percent), hi-speed diesel (3.20 percent), eggs (1.54 percent), sugar (1.04 percent), bananas (0.80 percent), vegetable ghee dalda/habib or other superior quality 1 kg pouch each (0.53 percent), onions (0.39 percent), garlic (0.35 percent), LPG (0.23 percent), vegetable ghee dalda/habib 2.5 kg tin each (0.22 percent), mustard oil (0.08 percent) and cooking oil dalda or other similar brand (sn), 5 litre tin each (0.05 percent).

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